Social Responsibility

Make a bold statement by promoting social responsibility at your special event!


The Culture Shop offers handcrafted products by artisans around the world (including the United States) who are paid a fair wage for their labor. Their treasures include jewelry that can be used as gifts for bridesmaids, like the Horn of Dragon Earrings handcrafted in Nepal. You will also find environmentally friendly items like recycled glass wall hooks made in Ghana, that can be packaged individually to make unique party favors.

Since creating couture centerpieces is our trademark at At Upscale Affair, our Fair Trade Glam Collection features The Culture Shop sculptures like the Black Stone Ring Couple, hand carved by Shona artisans from Zimbabwe, which we will pair with candles and flower petals to a make uniquely stunning social statement!

Your event will be even more special because the items you select at The Culture Shop are more than just beautiful they help contribute to sustaining the livelihood of artisans around the world, and to promoting social responsibility in your back yard!