Red Carpet Collection

Red Carpet
**Please secure your reservations early! Many clients reserve their selections up to six months in advance. We recommend at least 90 days notice for reservations made during the peak season – April – September. Minimum of 30 days reservations are required throughout the year to ensure availability**
  1. Prices are for 24 hr rentals only. $25 late fee for one additional day, full rental fee applies for each subsequent day.
  2. Runners can be customized at a rate of $5 per additional foot
 A La Carte
Standard 3x10 runner with red tape $29.99
Sanction per pole $14.99
Red velvet rope(1) eight foot rope$5.99 per rope

 Red Carpet Runner
Package 1 (savings $59.99) Standard – 8x10 runner with red tape$39.99
Sanchion basic Sanchion - 2 poles$14.99
Sanchion silver Sanchion - 4 poles$39.99
Sanchion gold Sanchion - 6 poles$59.99
Red Velvet rope Red velvet rope - (1) eight foot rope$10.00

 Save with our Red Carpet Packages
Package 1 (savings $59.99) Red carpet = 3x10 w/rep tape$39.99
1 sanchion set=2 poles and 1 red velvet rope$34.99
Package 2 (savings $9.99) Red carpet = 3x10 w/rep tape$39.99
2 sanchions sets - 2 poles and 2 red velvet ropes$59.99
Package 2 (savings $14.99) Red carpet = 3x10 w/rep tape$39.99
3 sanchions sets - 6 poles and 6 red velvet ropes$99.99